It took nearly two years but I got to watch it all burn in the end.

I win, Gawker. I win.

Fuck your social justice warrior mindsets, your feminists (yamahog, you especially, you greasy whining kneejerk piece of shit-keep your eggs frozen and please don’t breed), xylo (fuck you too, may you choke on a bag of GRIDS dicks), and Travis-jester of spun bearings-you shitfaced beta cuck, and every other shitlib has-been who decided to play a culturally marxist hand from the peanut gallery


And double fuck their enablers in the moderative power structure.

I get the last laugh. I always do. The overarching premise of the social justice social marxist privilege narrative was never anything that would be sustainable. And having said that for years, perhaps you should have listened.


The rest of y’all, you’re still cool, and it does suck that you are possibly losing whatever good connections (and there are tons) that oppo brought. My condolences. Ask the editorial staff why you might be losing that. Something about cancer.

Remember. Clay is always right in the end.

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